The only localization platform built for mobile apps.

Localizing your apps has never been easier.

Localizing your apps has never been easier.

Wiz is your one-stop end-to-end localization service built by app developers for app developers.

Web Dashboard

Manage all your localizations in one place and collaborate with team members.

With LocalizeWiz, developers, product managers, translators can all play their parts in the localization ecosystem.

Mobile SDKs

Our mobile SDKs for iOS and Android give your apps the ability to localize on steroids. Pull localizations from the backend at runtime, update strings on the fly, add new languages to your app, all without having to release a new version of your app.

Our mobile SDKs make localization easy for your developers.


Extend the capabilities of your applications by using our APIs. This offers you the greatest degree of flexibility. Backend or frontend services can easy integrate with our localization API to provide our features on any platform.